When I was 16 years old, my parents made the decision to move from our hometown of Bratsk to Baku. This decision brought unexpected changes to my life, and I felt lost and vulnerable in this new environment. During this period, memories became my anchor, a way to cope with the new reality.

For six years, I lived with these "life footage" in my mind. They were images of my apartment, the shop I visited every morning for bread, the bus stop, the school, and other places that held special significance for me. These memories remained vivid in my mind.
second floor, green balcony - I was born in this apartment.
In 2021, I returned to my native Bratsk and decided to photograph all these places that had lived in my memory for so long. This became my way to preserve and share my memories of my hometown, of the people close to me, and of the places that were a significant part of my life. These photographs became "frames of life" that I can now show to the world and preserve the story of my small hometown - Bratsk.

a film about Bratsk

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